$20,000 CSGO Golden League tournament by Cyber.bet to be prepared

Cyber. Bet will launch its third CSGO competition, the Cyber.Bet Golden League, on 29th October following the end of the closing qualifiers.

The bookmaker organized four tournaments in CSGO and Dota 2 in the year 2020, as the business strives to create opportunities for organizations, players, and employees and to improve its own services.

The Golden League has the company’s highest prize pool of groups participating in a $20,000 fund segment to date.

Cyber.Bet has recently dedicated itself to ensuring honesty in the sector is dismissed after the bookmaker joined forces with the ESIC in June.

The relationship will lead Cyber.Bet to exchange details with ESIC so that match-fixing and other forms of corruption in the betting process are avoided.

The official tournament opened and closed in mid-October. Qualifying champions Ethereal and Mustang Crew have taken part in the sixteen team stage with the likes of SJ Gaming, Movistar Riders, and Giants Gaming. Each team will participate in a Swiss System format across four rounds. The rest of the eight sides will be played on. Four more invited teams (Endpoint, ESPADA, SAws, and Team Secret) will be played and a single elimination will start the b03 tournament until the winner is crowned.